#20: Finding the Embodiment of Soulful Movement

Embodiment is allowing what you know in your mind to be felt deeply in your body and your entire experience.

As you can imagine, movement is quite a crucial element of embodiment. It’s part of the body’s way of integrating what you've healed from the past, what you're creating in the present, and what you’re moving towards in the future. 

Embodiment movement comes with its own challenges due to the way our culture approaches our bodies. Often times, the messages promoted around movement are all ridden with expectation, shame, and force. Unhealthy standards around our bodies and fitness take the joy and soul out of moving our bodies. 

In today’s podcast episode, we’re talking about the role of embodied movement and how to choose movement practices that is in alignment with where you are energetically.

The importance of embodied movement

What does movement do in your body? For one, it helps to move energy in your body.

If you’re looking at embodiment from an energetic perspective, we’re focusing on shifting the energy that is reflective of the stories, memories, and past lives that are stuck in your body.

One of the ways we can reinforce this work and continue flowing into the energy of our True Self is through movement and our bodies. Our bodies are the central channel through which we hold ourselves and receive information from the Universe, so it’s really important that we nurture and move them.

Healing your relationship with your body

Movement is key in the process of getting in touch with who we are. When we allow ourselves to move without the fear of being judged by others, we start to express our souls through movement.

Think of a moment you were able to uninhibitedly move yourself and how that felt. Can you remember how freeing, sensual, and connected that felt? That’s because through movement we’re able to both express our souls and give our bodies what it needs and wants.

Movement is both the expression of our bodies and our souls in the physical realm. It’s a bridge.

The difference between exercise and movement

When I tell my clients to start a movement practice, I’m very intentional about not using the word “exercise”. That’s because “exercise” carries a lot of social and cultural connotations and expectations, especially as it relates to women.

This is not to say that exercise is bad, but mostly to reinforce that it’s important that you tune into what feels right for your own body – detached from what diet culture says about what we should be doing or how we should look.

Exercise that isn’t aligned with what you need and what feels good to you won’t help you in your embodiment journey. So even though you’re moving energy around and there are health benefits associated with it, you won’t be tapping into what’s true at your core about what brings you joy.

When we’re doing something with our bodies that is based on force, we’re reflecting the expectations of our ego instead of your soul and what you’re intuitively puller towards.

And remember: what you feel called to practice today might not be what you’re called to practice tomorrow. Make sure you’re always checking in with your intuition before pursuing embodied movement, so you’re sure to be aligned with what’s right for you in the moment.

Paving the pathway to your future self

Movement allows us to bring what we’re creating into the present moment.

Feeling the energy of our desires is a crucial part of the manifestation process. The more you’re able to feel and embody the energy of your desires, the easier it’s going to be for you to receiving them in your reality.

A lot of entrepreneur fail to prioritize movement and nurturing their bodies, especially when they find their plates full with all the to-dos of their businesses. Yet, it’s crucially important for you to nurture yourself, no matter at what stage of business you are.

Without nurturing and nourishing yourself, you can’t receive guidance from yourself. You’re basically turned off to the world and functioning only to serve your to-do list rather than your embodied self. That’s what I usually call survival mode.

Without the space for yourself, you’ll not be able to build the sustainable business your soul craves. You’ll burn out and reach a breaking point. Prioritizing yourself is a huge part of being able to catapult yourself to where you want to go.

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