Embrace your wildness.

Rise into soulful, limitless leadership.

Ana Kinkela, Embodiment Leadership Coach for Female Spiritual Entrepreneurs

How would things change if you believed in yourself and your possibilities?

You’re a soulful change-maker, a creative maven. You’re invested in bringing your vision to life, to truly serve, and to impact the world in a way that uniquely fits who you are. ⁣⁣⁣

Yet, the fear of being seen, judged, and rejected is an ever-present companion. You hold back your gifts and inner wisdom, and that’s keeping you from ascending to the next level of you, the next level of your business.

Here’s the missing piece, wild one: Rising in leadership calls for more than just the mind. It calls for your body and your soul, your messy and your wild, your depth and your wholeness.

Rising in leadership calls for rooting into the edges of who you are, and inviting intuition and trust as you expand into possibility. It calls for changing what you’re doing and learning to shift into a different, fully embodied way of being. ⁣⁣⁣

Rising in leadership calls for sacred, unapologetic soulbodiment.


Are you your own worst critic?

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    The more grounded you are within, the more your light shines through.

    I’m Ana. I help women entrepreneurs ascend into embodied leadership and grow their business in full alignment with their power and truth.

    There is this deeper space inside of you where greatness lies. I’m here to help you look within, root into this space, and then take aligned, powerful action to rise and expand into your vision and meet the vibration of your soul purpose. 

    This work is raw. It’s about unveiling yourself, deeply and profoundly. It’s peeling away the layers, until you can fully see and witness the bright, shining core of everything that you are. ⁣

    It’s time to learn a different way of being and transcend into who you are becoming – and who you already are. That’s the woman sitting within you in this very moment, just waiting to be revealed and reclaimed to the world.

    Ana Kinkela, Soul Embodiment Coach for Female Spiritual Entrepreneurs
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