Embrace your messiness.


Reclaim  your  Wildness.


Step  into Soulbodied          Leadership. 



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Welcome, Wild Soul.

My name is Ana. 



I am all about…


connection. authenticity. creativity. vulnerability. love. intuition. storytelling. social justice. community. resilience. presence. heart centered living. the wilderness. digging into the mess. 


I guide women on the path of Wild Soul connection on an individual level in service to the collective vision of a world that is steeped in justice and freedom from oppression, vibrating with truth and love, and overflowing with leaders who own their depth and limitlessness. 




You’re here because you want to claim freedom, you want to unearth the part of you that’s been overshadowed by the individual and collective stories of society and your family of origin. You’re ready to belong to yourself, you’re ready to claim your limitlessness, your full creativity and power. You know that there is this deeper space inside of you where a great something lies— you’ve read all the self development books, you’ve tried all the formulas, hired coaches and mentors, gone on several spiritual retreats, but you still can’t seem to quite grasp it fully, inhabit yourself completely, belong to yourself wholeheartedly. 


As a spiritual leadership coach for women, I’m here to guide you into the deep soul work of unraveling the individual and collective shadows of conditioning, so you can access your True Self and step into living your vision from Wild Soul wisdom, truth and purpose.


This work is raw and messy, *and* how we walk through our shadows determines how and whether we step into our light and flow. 


Through this work you will not only know you are limitless and worthy of everything that you aspire to have and be, but you will also feel your limitlessness and power, and you will be able to shift and take action steps towards inhabiting this brave space in your life and business. 



You're already limitless.

You've got stardust in your bones, a fire inside your heart, and your spirit speaks magic.

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You’re already worthy, you’re already complete.

Your Wild Soul is already inside of you.

She’s waiting for you to reclaim Her, waiting for you to find belonging in yourself.




When you belong to your Wild Soul, you live and lead with authenticity, creativity, and intentionality.


When you belong to your Wild Soul, you ignite the fire in your heart and rise in service to the Divine limitlessness that is your True Self.


When you belong to your Wild Soul, you become the sacred expression of your Highest belonging in this Universe. 


When you belong to your Wild Soul, you own your messiness and you begin to shift the power dynamics of collective and individual systems of oppression, one Wild Soul at a time. 


Belonging to your Wild Soul requires unraveling, releasing, and surrendering before you can rise up and step into your limitless potential and true purpose. 




Step inside and meet your Wild Soul

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