#19: Unleash Your Inner Power

Accessing your inner power and embodying it in your life is what makes you shine with confidence and uniqueness in the world. It’s what makes others see you, and feel magnetically drawn to you and your work. And it’s also one of the most powerful ways to grow a soulful, aligned business, and create the impact you desire in the world.

So many entrepreneurs find themselves “faking until they make it,” without ever breaking that cycle. They never feel enough, no matter how long or how hard they fake it. Learning to tap into what's already inside of you, the well of inner power that rests within, is vital for those who struggle to step into full belief of themselves and what they’re creating.

When you’re able to finally unleash your inner power, you’re able to shift the energy you put out, and instill confidence in everything that you do and create. In today’s episode, we’re talking about how to do just that and finally find embodiment and resonance with your unique truth.

Cultural messages that affect your power

What comes up in your own body when you think of the word power? What’s your reaction to it?

For centuries, having power hasn’t always been a positive thing – history is full of examples of toxic and abusive power to reinforce this belief. Because of that, many of us deal with at least some degree of negative unconscious programming on what it means to truly stand in our power.

For us, female entrepreneurs, there’s often this notion that power is out of alignment with the soulful, heart-centered businesses we crave to create. Not to mention that, 1) a lot of what we’re told and taught about being a women requires us to constantly silence our voices, and 2) we don’t have a whole lot of examples and role models of women in power.

Energetically releasing fear of being seen

When we look at this scenario, it’s understandable that we worry so much about how owning our power might affect our lives. What are other people going to think? Will our voice be heard and validated? Will people leave if they see us for who we truly are?

Your inner power is something you’ll reclaim slowly, one piece at a time. There will be no arrival. It’s truly a lifetime process. As you navigate this journey, you’ll eventually come to a place where you just know, deep in your body, that who you are is good enough and that it’s safe to just be.

Here’s an exercise to help embody the energetic blueprint of your inner power:

Take a moment to think about these questions: What would it be like for you to express and use your inner power? What actions would you take? What thoughts would you have? What would it feel like in your body to know and channel this inner power into the world? What would you say to yourself and to others?

Write your thoughts and feelings down. These words and images will help you envision an energetic avatar to guide your expansion. We all have our own expression of power. Get familiar with yours.

Where inner power comes from

You can’t force yourself into your inner power.

In fact, that’s how toxic, abusive power comes to life. When people lead from a place of not-enoughness, they obsess over exerting control instead of powerfully showing up as a leader who just needs to be.

Power isn’t about control. Control is what we pursue when we’re unsure of ourselves, our relationships to others, and our place in the world. Power, on the other hand, is about being your full self from a place of integrity by connecting with your heart.

Unleashing your inner power requires grounding into yourself and accepting who you are at your core. More than that, it requires that you allow others to see you in that way as well.

It’s both simple and complex. Simple because once you’re comfortable being yourself, you just are. And complex because of all the different ways we protect ourselves from hurt and rejection, leading us to hide parts of ourselves that have caused us pain in the past. Those shadows are your entrance to the light within you.

Stepping into your inner power now

You might not realize, but you have everything that you need to unleash and unveil. Right here, right now.

Your first step is to energetically unburden the parts of you that feel like they need to protect you all the time – from the world, and from yourself. As you experience these parts of you, practice observing, witnessing them, thanking them for the care they have for your safety.

This isn’t about repeating mantras or affirmations. It’s about allowing yourself to feel and experience those emotions in your body, to heal from within instead of from the mind. The more you create those sensory memories, the closer you grow to the energetic signature of the empowered avatar you’ve envisioned.

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