#18: Mindset Vs. Embodiment: What’s The Difference And Why It Matters

One of the things you see a lot in personal development circles is this emphasis on overcoming mindset blocks. That means looking at how our thoughts impact what we believe is possible for ourselves and how we show up in our businesses and lives.

Yet, time and time again I work with clients who still feel stuck even though they’ve done extensive work on their blocks. They know, rationally, what they should be thinking and doing to move forward in their journeys. But they still struggle to actually feel and embody the possibilities they’ve unlocked in their minds.

If this sounds familiar to you, today’s podcast episode is for you. A lot of people confuse the roles of mindset and embodiment work and often times they end up being used interchangeably. Today, we uncover what the difference is and why that matters to you.

Why you’re still stuck in your business

A lot of times, the way we’re being in our businesses reflects how we’re being in our lives. That’s not because we’re scaling our businesses to take over our lives, but because of embedded patterns within our consciousness that affect how we act and go on about life.

When I work with women, my job is to help them expand beyond these patterns. The guiding principle here is that you need to expand internally before you can expand externally, and that’s where embodiment comes in.

Embodiment vs Mindset

I started my career as a therapist, highly trained in psychology and all the inner working of the mind. On top of that, I was very analytical and in my head. I knew very well how to recognize when my thoughts weren’t helping me and how to rationalize them.

These were helpful tools and tools I do teach my clients. Yet, they didn’t address my struggle to feel and embody those thoughts. The way I was acting, behaving, and being in the world just didn’t reflect my rational understanding of my thoughts – the ones I had and the ones I knew I should have instead.

My energetic signature was still grounded in the feeling that I wasn’t enough, and that was keeping me from taking meaningful, powerful action in my life and business. The mindset work gave me useful tools to watch my inner workings. It wasn’t unhelpful. But it didn’t allow me to actually feel any different about myself.

The missing key

Truly, that was what kept me procrastinating, confused, and stuck: being able to feel and be differently.

It wasn’t until I started focusing on embodiment that I was actually able to change my behaviors and create meaningful impact with my actions.

Mindset work addresses the surface, conscious layer of yourself. It doesn’t access your unconscious patterns and the energy from which you’re being. Embodiment is what actually helps you let go of things energetically and step into a new space and depth within yourself.

Mindset is a part of embodiment. But the majority of our actions are guided through our unconscious and influenced by your past experiences and lives.

The unconscious truth of your soul

To go beyond the conscious, we need to dive deep inside ourselves and take an honest look at our ingrained truths. Why are those truths there? These truths and ways of understanding the world have served you in some way in the past – even if they’re not serving you right now. They’ve helped you cope.

When you allow yourself to work with the unconscious, you’re not forcing new thoughts on these existing truths. You’re actually seeing that part of yourself and the resilience and strength within you. That’s the energy of your soul and it’s speaking loudly about who you are and what you can do.

That’s a very different experience from just consciously, rationally telling yourself to change your thoughts. It allows the deeper truth of your soul to rise naturally, without involvement from the ego.

The truth of your soul is what you can actually feel and embody. This deeper, unconscious work changes your mindset – instead of trying to force it by taking the outside-in road.

The role of energy

The energy you hold in your body is the energy you project into the outside world.

Mindset work doesn’t deal with the energy of the body. That’s why it’s just one part of the bigger work of embodiment – which incorporates mind, body and soul.

When you only work with the mind, you’ll continue to pursue answers outside of yourself. But when you integrate the body and the soul in this work, you’re able to look at your individual blueprint and embrace only what feels deeply aligned with your soul’s energetic signature.

More head work won’t help you get out of your head.

If that’s something you’re struggling with, then embodiment is for you.

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