#21: Becoming Your Future Self

One of the big questions my entrepreneur clients have is:

“How do I step into my future self? “
”What does it really take create and receive all that I desire?”

There are a lot of misconceptions around the notion of the future self. As a high-achiever entrepreneur, you probably think of your future self as this “someone else” you need to become in order to received and achieve success in your business.

In today’s episode, I’m unpacking the truth about your future self – and why it’s actually quite different from what you’d think.

What it means to become your future self

When you think of your future self as a women you’re not, but you’re supposed to be, you’ll inevitably lose yourself in the process.

That’s the main reason why so many women find themselves stuck, like they’re chasing something that’s constantly, inevitably beyond reach. If your vision for your future self is driven by external blueprints and comparison, you’ll always pursue things you think you should want – rather than what you actually want. That only makes sense, if you think about it: external guidance, external (and typically out-of-reach) satisfaction.

Your internal world is where you can ultimately create happiness, satisfaction, and contentment. Your future self isn’t this transformed superhuman, who doesn’t have flaws or bad days. Your future self is you – but a more authentic, embodied version of you. What’s between the “you” you are now and the “you” you want to be is how you are within yourself.

Why entrepreneurs get stuck on an endless hamster wheel

When you’re an entrepreneur, you have big visions for yourself and your mission. And that makes it easy to fall into the trap of putting your future self in a pedestal. You start envision goals that feel overwhelmingly far away and completely out of reach for your current self, so you start looking outside for answers.

You take all the courses. You hire all the strategy gurus. You listen to all the podcasts. You do, do, do. And with every action, you distance yourself more from your own inner knowing and the path to your future self. You stop connecting to the soul of who you are, of your mission, and of you actually desire.

When you lose connection with what the end vision is, the hamster wheel takes the best of you. Because no matter where you go, it’ll never feel enough or completely satisfying – like you had always envisioned being your future self would feel.

The difference between you and your future self

When you look for your future self within, you’ll finally be able to identify the things within yourself that are keeping you from being this powerful, fulfilled women right now. Becoming your future self is a journey in becoming more you. You’re already your future self. You truly carry her in every cell of your body.

Your journey isn’t one of finding new resources elsewhere. It’s about embodying the potential that’s already within you, at your core, and shielded by the thoughts and emotions of your ego. The journey of becoming of your future self is one of understanding, accepting, and embracing those thoughts and emotions, so you can stop being in fight with your ego and access what’s beyond it.

The main difference between you and your future self is that she knows how to be within herself in a different way. She doesn’t reject the voice of the ego, even if it’s uncomfortable, because she knows that it speaks for a reason: to help her get to her next level of leadership and embodiment.

Your future self has highs and lows because she’s human, just like you are. Her days aren’t always great, and she does feel sadness and anger and envy and doubt. But she knows how to flow with discomfort, and embraces the energetic opportunities to let her authentic self shine through. That’s why she’s the successful entrepreneur you want to be: because, truly, being able to sit with discomfort is the #1 skill needed for you to thrive in entrepreneurship.

Your future self isn’t perfect. She’s just able to ascent quicker by spending less time rejecting and fighting herself.

Stepping into your future self now

We often think of success as this journey from point A to point B, when the truth couldn’t be farther from it. And while intention and goals are important elements of a healthy business, you also have to be willing to let go of the outcomes and surrender to the process.

What most experienced entrepreneurs realize is that, ultimately, they don’t have as much control over things as they’d hope for. When you’re able to release the expectations in your mind about the outcomes, you’ll find it a lot easier to embody your future self in the present moment. That’s the key to aligned, inspired, powerful action.

Imagine if you could navigate your entire entrepreneurial journey as your future self. Because you can. What are you here to do in the world? Are you here to push through every day, and check boxes? Or are you here to claim your birthright? To claim joy, abundance, and pleasure in every step of your experience?

You do not need to unlock specific milestones or goals before you can give yourself permission to ascend and unleash your inner potential and abundance.

3 ways you can start embodying your future self

Be in relationship with your soul’s voice. Here are some questions you can ask yourself in meditation or journaling: What are the messages you’re receiving from your soul about your business? What do you need to leave behind? What do you need to pursue more bravely? What opportunities speak to your soul from a place of expansion instead of fear and comparison? What’s stopping you from taking action?

Practice quantum meditation. Quantum meditation is a beautiful tool to take you off the hamster wheel and bring you into the present moment. It allows you to visualize and experience your process of becoming and the embodiment of your future self. Feeling the energy of expansion in your body is key to receiving intuitive downloads and manifesting your future magnetically.

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