#22: Embodying Your Life's Purpose with Ashley DuFresne

Ashley DuFresne is a life’s purpose mentor who helps empaths and lightworkers uncover and embody their unique sacred gifts. She uses her high-dimensional channeling gifts to guide her clients through their journeys of growth and awakening to their most fulfilling lives.

Ashley joins me today to talk about what it means to live and embody your life’s purpose. She explains the role of intuition and inner trust in unlocking and embodying your most aligned life and business, and why sensitivity and empathy are a superpower you need to start leveraging – and how to do it!

To embody your life’s purpose is to live your most fulfilling life. And to live your most fulfilling life is to live in alignment with your soul’s mission.
— Ashley DuFresne

This week on The Soulbodied Entrepreneur

  • What’s a high-dimensional channel, and how to know if you’re one (04:02)

  • How Ashley learned to embrace and refine her own unique, intuitive gifts (06:25)

  • Reclaiming your intuition as the key to living your purpose and thriving in business (15:05)

  • The difference between your life’s purpose and your soul’s mission (23:19)

  • How to tell if you’re an empath, and why sensitivity is a superpower (26:30)

  • How to manage your energy as an empath (35:00)

  • Nurturing your channeling abilities – yes, everyone is able to channel (38:25)

  • Using channeling to unlock your business’ potential (44:59)

  • Ceremony and how it can help you navigate big life transitions (47:00)

  • Creating powerful ceremonies (52:27)

Connect with Ashley

Are you your own worst critic?

I’ve never met an entrepreneur that wasn’t, wild one. As an entrepreneur, your inner critic is loud. And you likely spend a lot of energy trying to fight it – only to find yourself still stuck in fear and self-doubt.

Here’s a better way: It’s time to work with your inner critic ✨

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