#24: Igniting Your Creative Fire and Creating Magnetic Content

As entrepreneurs, one of the main things we have to do for our businesses is create content – and not just any content, but content that inspires and speaks to people. As someone who loves creating content, I often get asked by the women in my community about my content creation practices: How do I create content consistently and with ease? How do I keep myself inspired and in creative flow? How to make sure my content magnetizes the people I want to help?

In today’s episode, I’m answering to all these questions. There are many reasons why you might be struggling to create content right now. Maybe you’re having a hard time channeling inspiration. Or you’re stuck with self-doubt and fear of what others will say about your content. Perhaps you’ve burnt out after an intense period of creation and need to reignite your creative fire. No matter what’s holding you back, the wisdom I’m sharing today will speak to you.

Listen in to discover how to create content that embodies your unique energy – because that, wild one, is the key. That’s how you find creative flow with ease and effortlessly channels the what and the how of the messages your people need to hear to connect with you.

Be in the journey of walking towards yourself and expressing that through your content.
— Ana Kinkela

This week on The Soulbodied Entrepreneur

  • The missing piece preventing you from channeling your message (08:15)

  • How to leverage collective energy to create content that speaks to your audience (10:43)

  • The underlying reason why you’re struggling with content – and what to do about it (12:59)

  • What is inspiration and how to reliably activate it (16:09)

  • How to deal with the voices of perfectionism and the inner critic (18:46)

  • Acknowledging and moving with the energy of your business (22:04)

  • Why sitting down to create content isn’t working (26:16)

  • How to stop the voice of comparison from crippling your content (30:43)

  • How to speak from the Higher Self in your content (36:43)

Resources mentioned in this episode

You are the natural creative state. But you need to be willing to be seen in that space.
— Ana Kinkela

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