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5-Day Challenge with Ana Kinkela

The #Soulbodiment Challenge

5 days of embodiment meditations for soulful female entrepreneurs ready for ease and flow, but struggle to feel and embody who they’re becoming.

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This is for you, wild one.

You’ve had enough of flailing in your business. You’ve done all the things, taken all the courses, tried all the strategies, and yet… You feel stuck.

Self-doubt, fear, and comparison are always creeping into everything you do, and you’ve nearly given up on the idea that business will ever feel easy and empowering.

Trust me, wild one: The #soulbodiment challenge is exactly what you need to find freedom from the voices in your head.

After this 5-day journey through the 5 elements, you’ll deepen within yourself and finally uncover what’s stopping you from confidently leading your business from your True Self.

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Inner Critic & True Self

Discover how your inner critic is blocking your True Self and how to shift this relationship. When you stop running away from your inner critic, you open up space for who you are to shine through.

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Freedom & Space

Uncover how to walk with fear, instead of letting it paralyze you. Discover how to embrace the role of fear and confidently take action steps in your business despite its presence.

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Awareness & Healing

Identify deeper unconscious patterns ruling the way you show up, feel, and think about yourself. Learn to release them so you’re able to finally feel confident and worthy in your business.

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Intuition & Trust

Discover how to strengthen your connection with your intuition so you can trust its guidance and finally take aligned, quantum action in your business.

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Expansion & Vision

Experience expansion in your relationship with the Highest Self and learn to envision, embody and journey on the path towards who you are becoming in your business.


The challenge will happen on June 17 - 21, 2019.

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We’re in this together.

I’m here for you and so is an amazing team of 13 soulful mentors I’ve invited to support you. When you show up fully for the #Soulbodiment challenge, you’ll have the chance to win one of 13 prizes we’re offering to help you go deeper in this journey back to yourself.


and MANY more!


60-min Soulbodiment Session
with Ana Kinkela

1 hr private coaching Session
with Rickilee Walls, Business + Leadership Mentor

Human Design Reading
with Eli Canali, Feminine Leadership Mentor

Sacred Alignment Session
with Eva Cruz Pena, Life Coach, Writer and Artist

High Dimensional Channeling Session
with Ashley DuFresne, Transformational Mentor

Facebook Ad Campaign Execution Package
with Diana Walker, The Coach’s Marketer

Sales Page Copy Review
with Fabiana Nilsson, Copywriter & Brand Strategist

Oracle Card Reading
with Virginia L’Bassi, Life Coach

The World Of Your Business Playbook
by Hiro Boga

Self-Love Activation Session
with Katie Nguyen, Transformational Coach and Speaker

60-min Social Media Strategy Session
with Andréa Jones, Social Media Strategist:

60-min Akashic Record Reading
with Baljit Rayat, Intuitive Soul Purpose Mentor

Divine Feminine Oracle Card Deck
by Meggan Watterson

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5 days, 5 embodiment meditations, 5 deep journaling prompts. Are you joining us and reclaiming your business?✨

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