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5 day challenge based on the 5 elements

The #Soulbodiment Challenge

It’s time to fully embody who you’re becoming.

Five days of unraveling and unveiling your true essence and bringing ease, flow, and your deepest desires to your life and business

Find aligned success and step into your truth and power.


    This is for you, wild one.

    Simply because you're here, I know you're ready to let go of...

      Flailing in your business

      Doing all the things

      Taking all the courses

      Trying all the strategies

      Feeling stuck

    I've been there.

    Self-doubt, fear, and comparison have been creeping into everything you do, and you’ve almost given up the hope that your business will ever feel easy and empowering.

    Trust me, wild one...

    The #Soulbodiment Challenge is the path to finding freedom from the voices in your head.

    After this five day journey through the five elements, you’ll deepen your understanding and finally uncover what’s been stopping you from confidently leading from your True Self.

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    Inner Critic & True Self

    Discover how your inner critic is blocking your True Self and ways to shift this relationship. When you stop running away from your inner critic, you open up space for your True Self to shine through.

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    Freedom & Space

    Learn how to walk with fear, instead of letting it paralyze you. Embrace the role of fear and confidently take action in your business despite its presence.

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    Awareness & Healing

    Identify the deeper unconscious patterns that rule how you think about yourself, feel, and show up. Learn to release these patterns and step into worthiness.

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    Intuition & Trust

    Strengthen your connection with your intuition so that you can trust its guidance and finally take aligned, quantum action in your business.

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    Expansion & Vision

    Expand your relationship with your Highest Self and learn to envision, embody, and journey along the path toward who you are becoming in your business.


    The #Soulbodiment Challenge runs from October 28th through November 1st, 2019.

    Register below to receive five days of meditations and powerful journaling prompts to shift your Soul to the forefront of your business.

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      Gifts are my love language.

      When you actively participate in the challenge, you’ll a be entered to win one o two nourishing prizes that will support you going on an even deeper n deeper journey into your business and into yourself.

      Check out the amazing prizes you can win, which are valued over $1500!


      Join the #Soulbodiment Challenge today!

      5 days
      5 embodiment meditations
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      This is the first step to reclaiming your business.

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