#15: Coming Home to Deep Inner Trust

Do you struggle to believe in yourself?

Inner trust is integral for achieving the things you hope for your business and life. Without it, it’s impossible to take action steps that are in alignment with your intuitive self and soul wisdom. Because that’s what trust is in the end: it’s your willingness to surrender to your deep inner knowing.

Trust is a muscle, it’s built over time, and also something that can fluctuate throughout our lives, depending what we experience in our journeys. There’s no place of unabridged trust in ourselves. Like everything else in our relationship with ourselves, it’s a practice.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing ways to renew your relationship with your inner trust so you can leverage its potential in your business and life.

What fear, trust, and intuition have in common

As human beings, we have a difficult time with inner trust because we are too absorbed by the stories of fear and doubt in our minds. We tend to really wrap ourselves in those narratives, making it really hard to tune into and acknowledge the voice of our intuitive selves.

The ego is pretty quick to chime in and instill distrust and fear. So we often find ourselves, consciously or unconsciously, in this loud, internal battle between the ego and the intuition, sometimes without even being able to distinguish their voices among all the noise.

Truthfully, our intuition usually stretches us outside of our comfort zones. It helps us step into the unknown and guide us into the spaces where we can expand. It’s beautiful but also inevitably scary. Because of that, fear is always going to be present but it needs to be an expression of expansion rather than contraction.

Embracing fear in that way starts by taking small leaps of faith on a regular basis. Just like in relationships, trust isn’t something that can be expressed, it has to be demonstrated. Building inner trust so you’re able to validate your intuitive wisdom is the result of consistently showing up for yourself through soul-guided action.

The shadow parts of inner trust

Before you’re able to take action steps that validate our inner knowings, you need to recognize the messages that you’ve received about trusting yourself throughout your life?

In today’s society, women are often criticized for following their intuition. Our feelings are called irrational and our intuition is dismissed for its lack of tangible evidence. We’ve also been socialized for people-pleasing and disregarding our intuitive knowing for the boundaries we need to thrive.

These are all messages that we receive from people in our lives, as well as from society and cultural norm, and they impact our ability to trust ourselves and honor our desires. Our relationship with trust is deeply embedded in these systems of oppression, and our body remembers all the times our inner knowing has been suppressed in this or past lives.

Reclaiming our inner trust is, to a large extent, an exercise of reclaiming our bodies and how we walk in the world. And it begins by identifying the spaces where you feel safe. Safe to come home to yourself. Safe to take leaps. Safe to be expressed in your sacred power.

The simple power of Yes and No

Do you say “yes” to things that truly light your body up? In the same way, do you say “no” to set necessary boundaries between you and your work, your partner, and your friends?

The ability to honor your “yes” and to say “no” without apologizing for yourself is one of the building blocks of deep inner trust. But as usual, it’s something that has to be practiced – and in a very intentional way. Start today by asking yourself:

“What are the space where I tend to say ‘no’ when I really want to say ‘yes’? And what are the spaces where I say ‘yes’ when I truly want to say ‘no’?”

It’s also important to recognize why you’ve been so uncomfortable to say “yes” or “no” in these spaces. That’s going to allow you to recognize your needs and feel safe in your body saying what needs to be said, no matter the situation.

Trusting the universe to trust yourself

In the spiritual world, we often talk about trusting the universe. But what that truly means is trusting ourselves. We are the universe, a reflection of its beautiful divine forces.

Taking the big leap of trusting the universe and universal guidance starts with trusting ourselves and our inner guidance. It starts with finding the magic and limitlessness within you and allowing it into how you live your life.

That sense of deep inner trust you’re craving is in the daily actions, the small leaps of faith in yourself, but it’s also in building a relationship with your universal self. The more you start to tap into that universal connection, that synchronicity within you, the more you’ll expand within that.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. In that way, trust is really interwoven with our ability to access joy. You can step into that space through meditating, being in nature, inhaling fresh air. These moments of sacred simplicity will remind you of the magic and wisdom of the universe, as well as the one within you.

Deep Trust in the entrepreneurial journey

Deep inner trust is the medicine that we all need.

Our human minds are so quickly to quit or give up before we reach our goals and manifest our desires. We easily absorb the stories that tell us that we’re not enough, that we don’t have what it takes to succeed, and that we’ll fail.

Trust is what we keeps us going, in spite of that. It’s how we move forward even in the face of what’s disappointing and discouraging – especially in the entrepreneurial life, where we face those obstacles regularly. Coming back to the deeper knowing that you’re guided by sacred wisdom is how, we keep going. It’s how we take a deep breath and tell ourselves, “it’s going to be OK.”

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