Quantum Soulbodiment


 A 12-week immersive experience for soulful, female entrepreneurs who are ready to embrace and embody their next level of leadership and business expansion

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Wild One,

 I know you are here to do big things. You have a vision inside of you, and your desire is to create impact in the world.

But you’ve been feeling stuck- in fear, self, doubt, criticism, and lack, and you can’t seem to get out of this vicious cycle, even though you “know” that you’re enough and that the vision you see is meant for you.

You’ve taken courses, gone on retreats, committed yourself to mindset work, learned formulas and strategies that should catapult your business into the next level….

And YET, you’re still repeating the same patterns that are rooted in fear, procrastination and confusion.

You’re stuck in your head, applying all the strategies, doing what you think you “should” be doing, but not finding the success and impact you hoped for.

Stepping into your next level of expansion in your business has nothing to do with finding the right formula and strategy.

You won’t find “the answer” in a book, or by taking a business course. And your “mindset” isn’t going to change by you reciting mantra’s everyday and writing out your future desires in a journal. 


What's required of you is deeper level work.

The kind of work that raises your mind and body to the same vibration as your soul. 

The kind of work that helps you root into yourself more, so you can rise up into who you are BECOMING. 

The kind of work that facilitates you meeting yourself in your Wholeness, so that you can ascend into your soul purpose. 

Stop trying to think your way into success. 

Start learning how to EMBODY who you REALLY are, with depth and power, so that you can align yourself with your unique energetic soul vibration, which opens you up to flowing and receiving at an exponential level.  


Imagine feeling confident in yourself and your message.

Imagine FEELING your worthiness and abundance in your whole body, and deep belief in yourself and your vision RIGHT NOW.

Imagine feeling ease, flow and joy in your business, instead of stress and struggle.

Imagine quieting the voices in your mind, and allowing your soul to lead the way.

Imagine feeling embodied in your unique energetic signature, showing up powerfully in your business and attracting the kind of clients that feel like a full body yes to you.

What would it be like to finally break free from the energetic space that you’ve been stuck in, from the patterns that you’ve been repeating over and over again despite your best efforts to change them, and step into who you are BECOMING, into who you REALLY are at your core?


When it comes to success in your business, your embodiment is EVERYTHING.

If you don’t believe in yourself, your business will remain stagnant.

If you’re applying strategy without feeling confident in yourself, your offer , what you’re creating, and who you’re speaking to, there is no marketing or sales tactics that will work.

If you’re creating in your business from the “should’s” instead of your full body yes!, it will be felt.

The difference between where you are and where you want to go is in the BEING. You can’t think your way into feeling differently, if your body is not on board. And if you don’t FEEL it, you won’t BECOME who you know you’re meant to be.

All the self help books, podcasts and mindset work won’t guide you into re-wiring your unconscious mind. They’ll give you great info, but they won’t change your deeply ingrained patterns. 

96% of everything that you do in your business is unconscious. Your unconscious mind dictates how you think, feel and do in your business, and ultimately, if you want to expand into the next level of your big vision, you MUST do the deeper unconscious work to transform how you are BEING, in order to experience this external manifestation. 

It’s time for you to become soulbodied. 


Soulbodiment is about aligning, transforming, and integrating your body and mind to resonate at the level of your soul vibration. 

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It’s about guiding you into self masterful personal leadership by teaching you how to hold your human self and your divine self in the same space. 

It guides you into deeply rooting into yourself, so that you can ascend and expand more exponentially into the sky. 

This immersive group program takes you on a journey through the 5 elements of nature that are representative of different layers of your consciousness, and through the wisdom of the 5 elements we deepen within your unconscious realm to re-wire and re-pattern ways of being that are keeping you stuck in your business and life. 


Here’s how we guide you into BECOMING soulbodied: 

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Untangling from your stories

Dive into the stories that feel like truths and enter into relationship with them so you can unravel and re-write the stories you lead through. Integrate new truths that align with soul speak into your mind and body.

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flowing with emotions

Energetically deepen into and release emotions that are keeping you stuck in your business and re-wire your body and mind into emotionally expansive states that support expansion and growth in business.

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revealing and re-wiring patterns and fears

Identify deeper unconscious patterns ruling the way you show up, feel, and think about yourself. Learn to release them so you’re able to finally feel confident and worthy in your business.

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Intuition & Trust

Discover how to strengthen your connection with your intuition so you can trust its guidance and finally take aligned, quantum action in your business.

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Expansion & Vision

Experience expansion in your relationship with the Highest Self and learn to envision, embody and journey on the path towards who you are becoming in your business.

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 What’s Included:


1 initial individual intake call with me to outline your goals for the program and create a roadmap for success

✨ Welcome call with the group to develop connection and sisterhood

✨ 12 group coaching calls where you receive 1-1 coaching from me as well as feedback and support from other sisters

✨ 3 individual coaching calls with me,1 per month, so that we can dive deeper into the work together to create energetic shifts and overcome any blocks

✨ Meditations for each module, worksheets, embodiment practices, and action steps tailored to you so that you can take quantum leaps in your business

✨ Additional support in a FB group

✨ Soulful sisterhood and connection

✨ Lifetime access to the course material, complete with updates over time!

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If we haven’t met yet…

Hi, My name is Ana!

I am a women’s spiritual leadership coach, and I help soulful, driven entrepreneurs to embody who they are BEcoming, so they expand in their leadership and business.

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I started my career as a mental health therapist in 2009, where I helped guide others on their trauma healing journey’s. After 8 years of being a therapist, I found a deeper calling to work with women to help them uncover, live and lead from their True Selves through releasing stories from social, cultural, and familial conditioning, and I called it the work of unveiling their Wildness.

This work quickly and naturally transitioned into working with entrepreneurs exclusively, since business success and expansion is all about unveiling, deeply trusting and taking action from YOUR unique energetic blueprint.

The cornerstone of my work with women is about re-wiring unconscious patterns that keep them stuck in the same energetic space within their businesses by integrating the mind/body/soul, and guiding them into deep soulbodiment on a quantum level.


 What are other soulbodied leaders saying?


If you’re thinking about working with Ana, I say GO FOR IT! Ana is a fabulous combination of compassion and determination. She does not pull her punches and still delivers them with a velvet kiss of love. I have shifted mentally from doubting whether I should be trying to run a business and making repeated excuses, to embracing the opportunity I have to run a business that feels 100% me. I am finding creative flow easier to access and I am having more success in creating content for programming and social media. The guided meditations have been an integral part of my mindset shifts in the past four months. Ana has helped me believe in myself again.

-Virginia L’Bassi, Life Coach

Ana has taught me how to "embody" self-love and transform it from a mere cognitive-construct to a "living, breathing, space within myself"….After participating in this group of like-minded women it clicked for me that part of creating the life I desire is energetically connected to loving myself now the way that I'd only imagined being able to love myself in the future. Ana is a gifted, connected, and intuitive woman whom you feel her deep investment in helping each person she works with find the next best-version of herself!

-Dr. Angie Mielke, Psychologist


Your Questions, Answered.

is this for me if i’m just starting business?

This is ideal for the entrepreneur that is already full time in their business. If you are just starting your business and you’re committed to your vision, then I’d encourage you to apply so we can explore further. If this is you, please fill out an application here.

will i receive 1-1 support from ana?

Yes! Not only do you receive 1-1 support in a group environment, you also receive 3 individual coaching sessions with Ana! This is an extremely supportive program— you get lots of attention and 1-1 time!

do i have to be a coach to be in the program?

No, you do not! I primarily work with service based entrepreneurs and creatives. You don’t have to be a coach- I’ve worked with therapists, artists, healers, business and transformational coaches, mentors, and consultants.

What happens after I apply for the program? and why do i have to apply?

The application is there for a few reasons. I want to make sure that the goals that you have in your business can be met through participating in the program, because the program is not for everyone. In addition, this is a small and intimate program, where we do deep work together, so I want to make sure everyone who joins is ready to do this level of work.

After we receive your application, it’ll be reviewed, and we’ll get in touch with you to set up a time for us to talk in more depth. On the call, we will talk about your goals specifically, and how this program can help you meet your goals. If it feels like a good fit for both of us, I’ll share the details on how you can get enrolled!

What are the results that I can expect to have from completing this program?

Great question! You can expect to shed conscious level beliefs and unconscious patterns that keep you from stepping into the next level of your business. You’ll start to FEEL embodied in your power and truth, instead of getting caught up, lost and confused in fear, doubt and confusion. You can expect to take quantum level action steps in your business during the program if you commit yourself to doing the work and showing up consistently. This program has the power to transform how you are BEing within yourself and your business, and these are skills and tools that you can continue to use along your business and life journey forever.


The program is $3000 if paid in full, and flexible payment plans are available. There’s also TWO scholarship spots by application. You will receive more than $8000 in value, and your investment is less than half of that.

When do we get started and how do i sign up?

The next round of the program starts the middle of July. I have each person apply for the program to ensure that it’s a right fit for both of us! This is a small, intimate group of women, and not everyone is ready to do this type of work, so I want to make sure it will meet your needs and where you are now. Please fill out an application here, so we can explore more deeply!