Your Breath is the Heart Beat of the Universe

Your breath is an expression of Shakti energy, of the Divine Feminine. The breath isn’t just breath- it’s a living vibration that exists in the air around you, one that intentionally breaths into your body to give you life, one second at a time. 

That living vibration also exists in everything you see around you, including the waves in the ocean, or the flutter of a hummingbirds wings as it suspends its body over a blooming flower. 

That vibration also exists in the Universe, and it’s generally known as the sound OM that often chanted during yoga classes. 

These are different ways that Shakti energy manifests in the Universe, in nature, and inside of us. We breathe in Shakti, and we exhale Shakti. 

The divine is in you as it is in me, and it connects us, weaves us into one another in profound and meaningful ways that the conscious mind can only grasp in glimmers.  

The more you become aware of your breath, and build a relationship with your breath, it begins to offer an opening into a space of expansion and transcendence— it’s the start of a coming home to your body, and the catalyst to connecting to Wild Soul wisdom. 

When you focus on your breath, you ground yourself into the earth and you connect with your body. You can either inhale from the earth, or from your crown center, thus bringing in a different quality of vibration, and thus a different kind of experience into the body. If you are in a heightened emotional state (whether it’s anxiety, feelings of overwhelm, your mind racing, etc), focusing on the breath regulates the nervous systems, and it calms and relaxes the body and the mind and brings you back into the present moment. 

The breath is also a gateway into the connection between the universe and your Wild Soul. You have to start at a physical level, in order to connect more deeply at a spiritual level. The mind and the body work in unison to eventually transcend your physical experience until you are inhabiting a different plane of existence altogether, and eventually through practice, you access and experience yourself as pure awareness. All of this is done by beginning with the breath, the most physical and concrete connection we have with the vibration of Shakti inside of our own bodies. 

Breath is often taken for granted, unless we sit in meditation and become mindful and intentional with our breathing. The more you learn to revel in the breath and to be thankful for the experience of breath, the more you become connected to your spiritual experience. 

Each time we take a breath, flower petals unfold inside of us and bloom. The sound and sensation of the breath is like an ocean in your body. Take a moment to experience this by closing your eyes, and noticing the journey of your breath. Tune into the sensation of the breath as it enters through the nostrils, and the sensation of the breath as it exhales through the back of the throat and out through the nostrils again. Experience the inhale as a wave rising in the ocean, and the exhale as a wave crashing against the shore. Spend a few minutes practicing this and notice your experience. Eventually you might notice that the more you focus on the experience of the breath, the more the breath becomes a force breathing you, instead of you breathing it. It’s not just a part of you because it flows through your physical body, it IS you because it’s intrinsically interwoven into the fabric of your being. 

What a beautiful thing it is to know that you are one second away from breathing in the vibration of the Universe into your body. What a beautiful thing it is to BE that vibration in physical form and to walk this earth and interact with other physical beings who vibrate that same energy. What a beautiful thing it is to explore nature around you, and experience Shakti energy pulsating all around you, knowing that you are a reflection of that same energy. And how miraculous is it to look up into a star speckled sky, breathe in through the crown center, and feel the stars inside of your own body glimmering and shining, embodying the limitless sky and your own limitlessness in this Universe?

There isn’t a day to waste as long as we are breathing. Your Wild Soul is waiting for you each day, waiting for you to reclaim Her in your life, so you can live, lead and love with Wild Soul wisdom, purpose and truth. 

With love and stardust,


Ana Kinkela