Fear As Transformation

As humans, we are wired to respond to fear by either running away from that which we fear, by fighting with fear, or by freezing when we are afraid. This is an evolutionary response that’s wired into us for purposes of survival, and while it certainly still applies in life threatening situations, the reality is that on most days when fear shows up, our lives are most likely not in danger- we are responding to a different kind of fear- the fear of vulnerability.

When you’re fearful of speaking in public, that stems from a fear of vulnerability because speaking in front of other people makes you vulnerable to being judged for your opinions or thoughts. When you’re fearful of change in an area of your life, that stems from a fear of vulnerability because making a big change makes you vulnerable to rejection, failure, disappointment in self, or judgement from others whether you fail or not. 

In the personal realm, most people tend to avoid fearful or vulnerable situations because it feels more comfortable to stay in routine, to stick with what you already know. Wanting to feel comfort in your life is not a bad thing, however, being comfortable in all areas of your life leads to stagnation and a lack of personal and professional growth. You have to get uncomfortable in order to evolve.

Though this process will always feel uncomfortable to some degree, it does not always have feel like suffering. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is not. In fact, with time you can wire your brain to run towards discomfort in certain areas of your life where you want to experience growth with time and practice. 

What you want to refrain from doing is to completely ignore your fear. If you ignore emotions, they will come back with more rigor and strength, and they will eventually create an experience of pain, because you don’t understand where the emotion is coming from, or what purpose it is serving. Every emotion is connected to a deeper story that has relevance in your life, and these stories have to be acknowledged and released in order for you to be able to flow with the discomfort. So instead of ignoring fear, I encourage you to befriend your fear. Learn about it. Be curious about it. Treat fear as another part of you that you want to get to know. Building a relationship with fear can eventually give you more control over your own experience, and it can help put your Wild Soul in the drivers seat, and place fear in the backseat as an informant, but not as the boss. 

The deeper you allow yourself to go into discomfort, into the shadow realms, with a focus on traveling towards the light, the deeper the transformation will be in your business, in your relationships, and in your day to day life. Fear is another reflection of the shadow realm in your life that has to have a light shone on it in order for progress to unfold. Don’t forget your strength and resilience, and trust yourself and your Wild Soul. It will carry you through bravely to the other side. 

With love and stardust,


Ana Kinkela