Reimagining Women's Leadership

These days, the leadership we see in the mainstream world is not very inspiring, it’s not honest, and it’s certainly not kind.  The people that we’ve placed in traditional leadership positions have not lived up to the task of what it means to lead. Increasingly, the people we see in leadership positions are not acting for the wellbeing of the many, but for the privileges of the few. 


This is the time for female identified individuals to rise into a different kind of leadership. There has been a lot of conversation about nurturing female leaders, and helping them to rise into traditional leadership roles, which I agree is extremely important. 


However, we also need to disrupt and rewire the foundation on which leadership was built on. How this culture thinks of leaders, how leaders are taught to lead, and what we imagine a leader looks like (usually a white, wealthy male), has been built from a patriarchal and white supremacist structure. 


Even when women ascend into leadership positions, they are pushed into the already established patriarchal ideals of leadership-they are taught to lead “like a man”, but once they do, they are often called derogatory terms as a way to attempt to diminish their voice, power and authority. This is not the leadership paradigm that is going to change the world. What’s needed is a different approach to leadership, what’s needed is more women, people of color, immigrants, disabled individuals, LGBTQ+ folks lending their voice to how we move forward in love and unity for one another. And what is needed is change makers like you to step into Soulbodied leadership, aligned with your Wild Soul truth, shifting the narrative of what it means to be a leader in service of lifting up kindness, acceptance, truth, love and justice in this world. 


In spiritual circles, 2017 has been called the year of the reemergence of the Divine Feminine in it’s most fierce and dark form. The Dark Goddess is a slayer of ego, an archetype of the Goddess who burns down the structures that have oppressed and violated the Divine Feminine for centuries. We are seeing this unfolding in this moment, as we watch countless men being brought to accountability for numerous sexual assault and sexual harassment transgressions that they’ve been perpetrating for decades, which (horrifically) is not a surprise to any woman. As women, we’ve experienced it, we’ve heard stories from other women who it’s happened to, and we’ve witnessed sexual harassment and rape culture playing out in the work place. This is not news to us. Yet what has changed is that now men are finally facing some level of accountability, responsibility and negative consequence. The tides are changing, the Divine Feminine is rising, and it is time for you to rise with it. 


As patriarchal and white supremacist oppressions continue to be exposed and challenged, it is imperative for us as women to do the same within ourselves. When you peel away the layers of oppression based narratives within you, you rise into a whole new level of embodied vision for your life. From this space, you can truly begin to lead from a place of Wild Soul wisdom that enriches your life, and the lives of everyone around you.


Each one of us is a leader in our own life. Leadership isn’t for the privileged few (though that is certainly the message that we receive). It is for everyone who has a voice, for anyone who has the ability to impact another human being, meaning: you have a leadership role in your life, whether it’s as partner, parent, CEO, friend, daughter, supervisor, or human who talks to other humans and has an impact on their day. 


I work with women who have a vision for themselves, who want to change the status quo, and step into themselves in a whole and embodied way. It’s time for you to live from your Highest Self, your embodied truth and wisdom, and take your life to new levels, inspire others, and change the world and your community. It’s time to reimagine women’s leadership and usher a new kind of world that is centered in empathy, equity, love, justice, kindness and recognition that we all belong to one another. 


With love and stardust,



Ana Kinkela